Epsilon Adds Klout to Email Menu

Epsilon today announced an exclusive deal with Lithium + Klout to augment its Email Activity Score with the Klout social media scoring system, bolstering its ability to segment across channels. Klout’s access to some 700 million social profiles, says a press release announcing the partnership, will enable Epsilon’s social media tool to identify social trends considering only a client’s own customers.

“If you’re a fashion retailer, you can see what topics relevant to fashion are being discussed on social. You can eliminate all the Tom Brady chatter and start to identify trends relevant to your business,” says Quinn Jalli, SVP of Epsilon’s Strategic Initiatives Group.

The new wrinkle Klout brings to Epsilon’s party, Jalli says, is the ability to identify topics and products gaining social momentum with customers, as opposed to what purchase history indicates. “You may have an email blast going out promoting a certain skirt, but you realize, given this new data, that it’s not right for the entire segment. We can dig deeper in building segments and react more quickly,” Jalli says.

Further capabilities built into Epsilon’s social media tool include spotting trends within the entire social universe or a client’s own list, targeting customers by social topic affinity, and homing in on the correct device or channel.

“We’ve gotten to a point where, as digital marketers, we cannot think just email or social,” Jalli observes.

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