Enterprise airs TV ads to drive integrated campaign

Enterprise Rent-A-Car launched on September 4 a television creative to supplement its integrated marketing strategy as part of the company’s three-year-running “The Enterprise Way” campaign. The combination of television and digital assets underscore the automotive rental company’s “dramatically shifted” media mix, says Jim Stoeppler, the company’s brand director.

Although Enterprise has always been “very heavily focused on television,” the company began emphasizing online channels and advertising last year, Stoeppler says. The current campaign incorporates loyalty programs, as well as digital assets, including display ads, online video, email, and behavioral targeting practices.

“We rely on television to provide broad-level awareness,” Stoeppler says, adding that this wide reach comes at an affordable price. The company uses brand tracker research to determine how many people recall its TV commercials.

However, Stoeppler notes that true engagement comes from the company’s online and social presences. “When you get into online or direct through email…you can be a lot more efficient [and] a lot more targeted.”

Email and online assets, he adds, are positioned to help drive conversions and secure reservations. “Last year we dipped our toe in the water and did a little testing and online performed extremely well—wildly exceeded our expectations, just in terms of conversions,” he explains.

The company continues to seek ways to improve targeting its online assets by taking advantage of tools currently available to marketers. “If you’re looking for a challenge, it would be getting to the right people at the right time,” Stoeppler says. “But I think the sophistication that online tools and measurement capabilities [provide] allow us to get there.”

Enterprise’s agency partners include Omnicom’s PHD for media content, the Lacek Group for email marketing, and Cannonball for the television creative.

The new television ads, which feature Enterprise employees, are set to run until April.

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