Entering Sweepstakes Isn't All That Fun

I read your article (“Sweepstakes Rumblings Reach Fever Pitch,” March 15) where Jerry Cerasale, senior vice president of government affairs at the DMA, said in reference to sweepstakes, “… practically all those who enter such contests know that they are a fun, exciting way to enter and possibly win.”

Ouch! Has Jerry ever filled out a reply card for one of those contests?

If he had, he wouldn't have made such a silly statement. It doesn't make DM look very smart. The purpose of the contest is to get people involved. We all know that. That is why you will find car keys, lift-offs and other stuff not only on the contents but even on the mailing envelope itself. Sifting through all that stuff can take up to 15 to 20 minutes of your time. I know this because I timed it once, which cured me from entering anymore.

If you don't find all the elements mentioned, you may not qualify. I personally hated entering them so much, I now throw them directly into the garbage, asking one mailer to please remove my name from their list. People who enter these contests need the money and believe they will win. People even make money off of articles they sell to give you tips on how to win, like turning stamps upside down and putting your name in specific block letters.

It's crazy and gives us all a bad name.

Gary Kallback


Fairfield, NJ

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