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Ensighten now offers an all-in-one website testing, analytics and tag management platform

Ensighten is taking on Adobe, Optimizely and other website optimization tools with its new all-in-one website management platform.

Previously known for its enterprise data and tag management expertise, Ensighten is expanding its repertoire by offering an all-one-tool for marketers and IT teams to manage website functionality, test content and gather analytics.

The new platform, titled “Ensighten Inform,” will allow marketers to manage the look, performance and function of their brand’s websites without the help of the IT team. “Up to this point, testing and monitoring have required deep technical knowledge,” says Josh Manion, Ensighten founder and CEO. “Even when marketers have deployed their own tags through a tag management system, they have needed to rely on IT for tag and site monitoring.  

With tag management platforms such as Ensighten, marketers can change the functionality of their websites without having to go too deep into the coding process. Things like changing a form, or redirecting a button click can be done on the fly, without needing to go to the site developer. Essentially, tag management is used to handle the back end of a website, while tools such as Adobe Experience Manager and Sitecore could be used to manage the front end. 

Now, Ensighten is aiming to be the only tool marketers use for a brand website. If a marketing team previously used Adobe Experience Manager to change web content, Optimizely for testing and targeting, and Google Analytics for website performance, Ensighten says its new platform allows them to do all three functions through its single, unified platform.

For testing in particular, Ensighten Inform has three different capabilities:

Web Page Testing: Page tests provide tag performance data across browsers and operating systems by testing tag deployments on a page, syntax testing for tag requests and tag code validity.

Performance Testing: Performance tests give comprehensive, multi-browser metrics to help marketers understand how tag deployments are impacting performance issues such as page load and connection times.

Critical Path Testing: Critical path tests ensure that essential site functionality such as registration and checkout flows are working correctly. Marketers can define their own critical paths as appropriate for their business.

Ensighten has announced that 15 of its enterprise customers will begin using Ensighten Inform as part of a Limited Release, including brands such as Symantec, Suncorp and Virgin Australia.

The new platform will be in limited release through August and generally available to the rest of the market in September.

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