Engage Releases Four Multichannel Marketing Software Suites

In its effort to reinvent itself as a software developer, Engage Inc., Andover, MA, yesterday released four software suites geared toward multichannel marketing and advertising. The company said the new software marks the integration of its Engage Media Network and products it inherited when it acquired MediaBridge last year.

Engage said the software suite is intended to help marketers and publishers address the problems of integrating online and offline media. Two of the new programs, Engage Customer Retention Suite and Engage Multi-Channel Promotion Suite, are aimed at marketers. The other two, Engage Interactive AdManagement Suite and Engage Multi-Channel AdManagement Suite, are intended for publishers.

The Engage Customer Retention Suite combines the company's profiling technology and retargeting software with its Media Network, the company said. It enables businesses to develop a database of profiles based on visitors' behavior on their Web sites.

“It solves the problem of having a lot of people visiting your site but not buying anything,” said Peter Mahoney, Engage's vice president of product marketing. “It can generate detailed anonymous profiles from a company's Web site.”

The company's Multi-Channel Promotion Suite is designed to enable catalogers and retailers to deliver consistent promotions across their print and online marketing channels. The software features a central promotion asset management system that enables photos and product descriptions to be shared across different types of media, Engage said.

Mahoney said consumer electronics retailer Circuit City, an Engage customer, will use the promotion suite.

“It's a challenge for them to manage all their data,” he said. “It enables them to do all the work flow around their promotions and deliver their product.”

The suite for publishers includes the Interactive AdManagement Suite, which is aimed at Web publishers and enables them to package and sell inventory based on content, demographics, geography, visitor profiles and keywords, Engage said.

The company said its Multi-Channel AdManagement Suite is aimed at traditional publishers and offers them a single platform for online and offline advertising.

“A number of print publishers are migrating to multichannel advertising,” Mahoney said. “This gives them a lot of flexibility in packaging their ads.”

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