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Empty-Nesters Have More Time for a “Social” Life

“Tech savvy” and “digitally focused” aren’t descriptors solely belonging to digital natives. Empty-nesters are just as likely to interact on social networks and via SMS as twentysomethings, according to research from Influence Central. The consultancy partnered with online community Vibrant Nation, whose members are women over 45, to conduct a research study on social and digital preferences. Specifically, the study, which queried 600 women who are 45 and older without children living at home, reveals the attitudes of these Empty-nesters toward social media and digital technology.

Findings include:

  • Nearly 90% of Empty-nesters use Facebook; about 60% use Twitter
  • Almost three quarters (72%) use their smartphone to visit social sites and shop online; 65% use their smartphone to research product information
  • Ninety percent of respondents consider themselves “texters”; and 36% actually prefer texting to having phone conversations
  • Nearly all Empty-nester respondents (90%) use a search engine to find items online prior to making a purchase
  • Most respondents (80%) are more likely to make a purchase if the item has a high star rating in an online review; and nearly 75% are more likely to purchase a product with positive reviews from other purchasers
  • About half of Empty-nesters (45%) are more likely to purchase a product if a blogger they follow has recommended it
  • More than 65% of respondents are skeptical of traditional advertising; only 12% are more likely to purchase a product that was used in an ad
  • More than 80% of Empty-nesters spend more time browsing for products online than they do in-store, and 64% of mobile users respondents make purchases from online retailers via their tablets.

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