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Emerging technologies fuel digital advertising growth

"Technologies Fuel Growth"
“Technologies Fuel Growth”

Digital advertising is thriving, with several startups introducing innovative, industry-transforming technologies. These include support for cookieless ads, advancements in streaming TV, and influencer marketing. The popularization of programmatic advertising has also significantly contributed to this expansion.

Artificial intelligence tools are being developed for advertising personalization and consumer prediction, and Big Data is being used to monitor user behavior more accurately. Thanks to the surge in smartphone usage, mobile advertising also plays a significant role in this growth. Therefore, the future looks promising for the digital advertising sector, with a combination of past strategies and pioneering methods meeting the evolving needs of consumers and businesses.

While they faced initial financial struggles, emerging advertising startups are attracting substantial investment as they attempt to address significant sector issues. These range from the anticipated discontinuation of third-party cookies to the shift in advertising budgets from traditional media to streaming TV, as well as aiding successful influencer marketing campaigns.

Startup founders have skillfully persuaded investors to back their innovative projects.

Tech advancements propel digital advertising’s success

These startups are creating waves in their respective markets, changing traditional practices, and shaping future strategies.

Twenty-four pitch decks used by CEOs and founders to convince investors of their startups’ potential were also examined. These companies raised funds ranging from $2.2 million to over $50 million. These decks revealed vital influencing factors on investor decisions, such as a compelling vision, unique value proposition, evidence of growth traction, and a strong management team.

The funding received by different startups varied due to factors including perceived profitability, innovation level, and the macroeconomic environment. However, all the startups successfully communicated their potential to investors and underscored the importance of an effective pitch deck in securing investment.

The Chief Brand Officer of General Mills, Doug Martin, has pointed out a notable trend involving increased advertising spending. Due to more people opting to eat at home, advertising in this market segment is becoming increasingly lucrative. Martin emphasized the need for businesses to adapt their advertising strategies to these changes in consumer behavior. He also underscored the potential for increased revenues and stressed the importance of constant innovation in advertising strategies.

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