Embrace the new omnichannel experience

For loyalty marketers and retailers, one ongoing challenge is finding new ways to create, maintain, or increase customers’ attachment to their brand. As the fall unfolds—and we move closer to holiday shopping—some marketers are addressing that challenge with an “omnichannel” approach to building customer loyalty.

1. Know what you do well. Omnichannel loyalty engages consumers through multiple marketing channels simultaneously (e.g., Web, mobile, at checkout, and social media) with a focus on loyalty-related outcomes. It does so in a way that’s unobtrusive and organic. Making the omnichannel jump requires evaluating your organization’s existing multichannel loyalty environment.

2. Segment Big Data to build big business. Make only relevant offers to customers, using their preferred mode of communication, to motivate optimal behavior that drives more sales and higher spend.

3. Move beyond points. If Big Data is important for gathering shopper metrics, then big ideas are central to loyalty marketers and retailers. Enhancing the customer experience is what matters most, and examining the steps your competitors are already taking is vital.

4. Get everyone onboard. Upgrading from multichannel to omnichannel isn’t without costs. There must be a willingness to invest in the implementation of new loyalty strategies across all channels [consistently] with all marketing efforts, resulting in a program that delivers measurable incremental revenues and profits. Also required are the metrics and resources necessary to monitor and gauge effectiveness.

5. Avoid multichannel missteps. Without elevating and integrating loyalty into every marketing channel approach, loyalty programs often fail and become susceptible to three classic pitfalls: no program differentiation, targeting too many people, or lack of an overarching marketing strategy.

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