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Email Marketing Company, Winner: Salesforce

Users of Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s Email Studio give it high marks for saving time and money while delivering maximum flexibility, precision, power, and scale.

It certainly offers marketers nearly unlimited potential, giving them ability to trigger and deliver any type of email message based on data from any source and include content from anywhere.

Sports merchandise retailer Fanatics used Email Studio to send about 3.5 billion messages in 2015 alone. A company representative noted the platform provides unmatched ability to engage around the world’s biggest sporting events in near real time. For example, Fanatics can send emails promoting a winning team’s merchandise as soon a game ends (or during its final seconds) and reach customers before the first post-game commercial even hits.

Additional standout features and benefits of the technology include the AI capabilities of Salesforce Einstein; enhanced data security features; ability to quickly analyze millions of data points; and ability to create emails using simple content blocks or powerful scripting language.

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