E-mail marketers’ salaries rise, budgets level

While salaries have increased for e-mail marketing professionals, financial resources devoted to e-mail marketing campaigns have remained flat, according to a new study by JupiterResearch.

In its report, “E-mail Spending and Governance 2007,” JupiterResearch, New York, found that the average amount companies spend on personnel budgets for e-mail marketing is $182,067, up from $169,710 in 2005.

Although the average number of full-time e-mail marketing professionals remains consistent at three, salaries have increased from $50,526 in 2005 to the current average of $63,547.

Despite growth in salaries, the study suggests budgets do not match the importance organizations place on e-mail marketing. The majority of marketers annually allocate less than $250,000 to each of the discrete e-mail functions of acquisition, retention and creative.

A separate 2006 Jupiter executive survey also indicated budgets for e-mail marketing remained relatively consistent year over year.

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