E-Mail Impersonates Traditional Direct Mail

Metamail Inc. has announced the availability of its Enterprise Server 1.1, an e-mail server that lets e-marketers send messages that look like physical mail.

Recipients are first offered the chance to download Metamail software that sits on their desktops and allows them to open the mail. Once the e-mail is opened, the recipients see the image of a personalized envelope.

Recipients who click to open the envelope see the image of a piece of paper folding out. The messages can contain special offers with barcodes that can be printed and used at stores.

The e-mails can contain text, personal signatures and graphics. The system can be used to present coupons, bills and catalogs.

Scott Rankine, CEO of Metamail, Toronto, said video and audio capabilities will be added later this year. He said the server also will be upgraded to include additional e-commerce transaction capabilities.

Enterprise Server 1.1 works with Windows NT, Windows 2000, Sun Solaris, IBM AIX and Linux. The server will be targeted at the online retail and financial services sectors. Pricing starts at $100,000.

Visit www.metamail.com for more information.

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