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E-Mail builds global presence for avenue you beauty site

Avenue You is a one-stop beauty shop with a 24/7 shopping experience located at www.aveyou.com. The online store was developed from a prototype store siblings Brian and Lisa Esposito launched in the upscale area of Deal, NJ. 
The Espositos’ father, Anthony, owned a chain of beauty supply stores known as Beauty Plus, which offered products at great prices.  They never carried the more expensive beauty products and catered to everyday purchases for everyday people.
As the store transitioned to a more upscale approach, resembling the look and feel of Sephora, it began to specialize in superior customer service and product availability. Avenue You’s distribution division allows them to carry some of the best beauty lines usually available only at fine salons and spas. 
Through the use of e-mail marketing and online advertising, Avenue You is able to reach a larger, more affluent audience, capitalizing on the need for high quality products on demand.
The money that would have been spent on television and print is instead being used for research and development of new lines and the promotion of these new lines in major search engines, comparison shopping and e-mail marketing.  This has lead to a large increase in newsletter subscriptions and registered shoppers. 

Beautiful Results
Avenue You uses e-mail marketing to send monthly specials, new products or coupons to registered shoppers.  List segmentation, easy-to-use templates and the option to keep old messages to resend or reuse old templates allow Avenue You to send e-mail campaigns to more than 10,000 customers, twice a month, virtually effort-free.
As a direct result of e-mail marketing campaigns, Avenue You has seen an increase in online sales of more than 25 percent since it started using e-mail marketing.
Plus, these efforts have developed Avenue You’s international presence in Japan, Australia, Britain, South Korea and Canada.  International shipments are now reaching about 5 percent of total sales.   
By combining e-mail marketing efforts with online advertising partnerships, Avenue You is becoming a major player in the online beauty world.  Next step for the firm: combining its email marketing efforts with RSS feeds and blogs.  All of this is designed to build strong brand loyalty to Avenue You.

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