E-mail boosts consumer direct value chain for BabytoBee

BabytoBee is an online company that helps expectant parents meet and do business with consumer direct marketers. Moms- and dads-to-be (our audience) and infant care brands to beat (our advertisers) know and trust BabytoBee. This allows us to engage both parties in a meaningful, commerce-centric relationship.

Prior to partnering with Datran Media to launch e-mail marketing efforts, BabytoBee depended on telemarketing and offline direct. E-mail marketing has helped us increase value across the consumer direct value chain. It’s now BabytoBee’s leading revenue channel by a significant margin.

“Event-based, contextual e-mail campaigns help BabytoBee’s audience members and advertisers to reduce relationship stress.”

BabytoBee’s e-mail audience engagement campaigns are event-based. This means that the expectant parent drives the campaign by requesting news and offers relevant to him or her. BabytoBee’s audience often engages BabytoBee and its advertisers in care updates, infant apparel discounts and diaper ratings within the first few days.

To date, event-based engagement campaigns outperform others 5:1. The factor can be has high as 10 times. There’s no analytic gap. Datran Media helped us recognize how to reverse traditional e-mail marketing campaign strategies to provide our audience with the steering wheel.

Expectant parents are a tricky category for advertisers. Even the best brands find it challenging to resonate with those awaiting the stork. The exciting change of life is often stressful. Communication with this coveted audience needs to be increasingly relevant and have high perceived value.

Event-based, contextual e-mail campaigns help BabytoBee’s audience members and advertisers to reduce relationship stress. Demographics and attributes are nice, but events associated with an emotional situation like, “What do I do if my infant becomes ill?” have far more impact because they touch the heart and soul of the expectant parent.

Since adding e-mail marketing to our model, more future parents and advertisers have joined BabytoBee. This is evidenced by new subscription growth. Top-tier incumbents are also spending more as evidenced by clicks and conversions. The increased value across the chain benefits us all.

BabytoBee measures click throughs, conversions, sales, viral referrals and myriad other business growth indicators. We call these numbers and statistics up in real-time reports that can be accessed anywhere.

This helps BabytoBee strategically execute the most relevant campaigns on behalf of our audience and advertisers. In the end, it’s our hope that it’s the babies-to-be that ultimately win the most.

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