ELynx taps Goodmail for certified e-mail

SAN FRANCISCO-Secure Web services firm eLynx Ltd. turned to Goodmail Systems Inc to add the CertifiedEmail functionality in the eLynx e-services platform including electronic document delivery, electronic signature and integrated paper fulfillment.

eLynx, Cincinnati, uses e-mail to deliver links to Web sites where consumers can securely obtain mortgage and insurance documents in a paperless manner.

“Before certifying their mail, there was concern about whether consumers were receiving the message or whether or not the e-mail would link correctly,” said David Atlas, vice president of marketing at Goodmail, Mountain View, CA.

eLynx handles more than fifty percent of mortgages e-mailed in the United States and has more than five hundred financial institutions as clients, including 17 of the top 10.

Goodmail lets eLynx send accredited e-mail with its CertifiedEmail technology imprinting outgoing e-mail messages with cryptographically secure tokens that are recognized by participating mailbox providers such as AOL and Yahoo.

When such mailbox providers receive CertifiedEmail, they automatically route messages to the server-level inbox, past content and volume filters, rendering links and images active by default.

Adding eLynx as a client is a big move for Goodmail into the financial services arena.

“It is really exciting because eLynx is a big piece of the financial market and now we can have some data points about transactional messaging,” Mr. Atlas said.

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