Eloqua Hits Home for Tridel E-Mail Program

Tridel is Canada’s leading developer and builder of condominium residences with more than 70 years of homebuilding experience. The company is the largest developer in the greater Toronto area and has been responsible for producing more than 66,500 homes. As one of the first Canadian developers to launch a Web site, the company has made online marketing a priority for many years. However, as the marketing program became more integrated in the early 2000s, Tridel needed a way to incorporate past prospect history and partner information on potential prospects into its e-mail marketing campaigns.
E-mails were being sent to prospects generically and often lacked a sense of personalization from the marketing team. There was no easy way to leverage the value of a prospect’s history and tailor each e-mail to meet a prospect’s specific interests and needs. Tridel turned to the Eloqua Conversion Suite, a demand-generation solution that offers marketers a common platform for integrating e-mail marketing and direct mail, Web site marketing, lead generation and sales force automation to produce a continuous flow of qualified leads for its sales force.
The Eloqua Conversion Suite enables Tridel to combine automation with the human element of intuition. Using Eloqua’s platform, Tridel developed an eSales program that employs highly personalized e-mails for prospects based on their past history, partner information and the sales coordinator’s knowledge of prospect needs.
An automated Eloqua program categorizes prospects based on their response to marketing campaigns and specific property interests. This information is instantly delivered to the online sales coordinator who responds with a specific marketing template that is easy to customize. The Eloqua Conversion Suite helps Tridel qualify, sort and quickly respond to leads with a personal touch. It is the balance of automation and human intuition that has made Tridel’s implementation successful.
This combination has had a significant impact. Tridel was able to increase its e-mail response rates by 100 percent, from 20 to 40 percent.   Eloqua also offers Tridel this same balance with its service team. Eloqua has become an extended partner of Tridel’s online marketing team, working internally to adjust the eSales program as it grows.
With the assistance of Eloqua, Tridel can link e-mails and prospect visits to Web sites to closed business, giving greater visibility into which messages are peaking prospect interest, increasing the effectiveness of each marketing program, ultimately resulting in increased sales.

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