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ELocator Channels Prospects to Products

MarketSoft Corp. is expected today to announce eLocator, a system that helps businesses with various sales channels direct customers to their most convenient and most suitable product or service outlet.

ELocator's key feature works like a search engine or wizard. The application takes queries and then gives a phone number to an appropriate call center, lists an office location for a sales rep, or finds an e-commerce site with the product or service.

Furthermore, the system takes customer demographic and geographic information to determine the most appropriate sales channel.

The system was built to increase revenue across a large network of sales partners. It also can be used to supply call center reps with real-time information about callers. The reps use secure Web pages that show information entered by the callers at the company's site.

ELocator also is designed to work as a customer service tool and includes a peer review application for Web sites, said Mike Kozub, chief marketing officer at MarketSoft, Lexington, MA.

Kozub said a firm can quickly implement the system because eLocator does not have to be connected to partners' databases.

ELocator will not be offered to the general public until January. Pricing will start at $100,000 a year per 500 business partners or $10,000 a month per 500 partners.

The system mostly will be marketed to financial firms, insurance companies, travel agencies and high-tech businesses.

The system marks MarketSoft's latest release for its eMarketing package of e-commerce services. The company released eLeads and eOffers this year, and eLocator was intended to work with those programs.

EOffers allows contacts and content to be accessed from an online library template that determines through algorithms what is the best offer for a given customer in a real-time environment.

ELeads stores information about prospects' participation in a company's direct mail campaigns, Web sites or other promotional venues that track viewer activity. Subsequently, file attachments containing this information can be e-mailed to the sales reps.

Visit www.marketsoft.com for more information.

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