Electronics Catalog Boosts Page, Product Count

Newark InOne, a business-to-business distributor of electronic components and test equipment, released its Catalog 121 this month.

The new book — targeting design engineers, maintenance engineers and technicians in Canada, the United States, Brazil and Mexico — includes more pages and products than Catalog 120, which was produced in March 2002.

Catalog 121 is the first produced under the Newark InOne brand, which replaced the Newark Electronics brand in March. The 2,448-page Catalog 121 includes 50,000 new products, raising the book's total to 125,000. Catalog 120 had 93,000 products in 2,072 pages.

“We've improved the density,” said John Borta, vice president/marketing operations at Newark InOne, Chicago. “In terms of the physical dimensions of the book, we were able to add pages while reducing the trim size, and had only a marginal increase in weight due to the fact that we changed the paper stock.”

The weight is six pounds, three ounces for Catalog 121 while it was five pounds, eight ounces for Catalog 120.

“In our case, versus typical direct mail, our book is much more of a reference tool that the customer keeps on the shelf and uses as the need arises,” he said. “[The new catalog is] a revitalization of our product offering.”

New features include:

· Stock numbers of 50,000 new products printed in blue for easy identification.

· A color-coded master index to identify products and manufacturers.

· Whiter paper and an easier-to-read typeface.

· Ten product categories separated by tabs and section indexes.

“It's the first time we've identified our new products at the SKU level,” he said.

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