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Electronic Newsletters Doubled This Year

The number of newsletters distributed electronically over the Internet, fax or CD, has more than doubled in a year, according to the latest edition of the Oxbridge Directory of Newsletters.

Electronic newsletters numbered 1,676 in 2005 and climbed to 3,813 in 2006, according to the directory. Electronic newsletters continue to grow because they are inexpensive to produce and easy to distribute while the number of print-only newsletters declined from 6,238 to 5,630 over the last year. The directory is published by New York-based Oxford Communications, www.oxbridge.com.

On a category basis, legal newsletters are at the top with 1,033 titles, up from 917 in 2005. Medicine comes next with 802 titles, then computers & automation with 719 titles.

The fastest growing categories were electrical engineering, which went from 17 titles in 2005 to 51 in 2006; warehousing and distribution, which went from 9 to 26; home furnishings & entertainment, which went from 5 to 13, and natural history/wildlife, which went from 9 to 23.

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