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Election Night on Social

As perhaps the most remarkable election night in memory put a lid on a remarkable campaign, Austin-based social marketing platform Spredfast was there to survey and summarize social reaction. Here are some highlights from the Twitterverse:

  • At 2.05am EST, there had been 9 million #ElectionNight and #ElectionDay tweets in the past 24 hours
  • The most intense activity came at 11.20pm EST with 96,000 tweets per minute (around the time Canada’s immigration website was crashed by traffic)
  • The apparent gender breakdown of active tweeters was roughly equal (54 percent male, 46 percent female), but the 18-24 demographic was easily the most active age group
  • Throughout the day, Hillary hashtags accounted for four times the volume of Trump hashtags, but the latter (orange below) saw some improvement in the evening

As for sentiment, the terms “panic” and “no words” took off for the stratosphere as the outcome became clear. And the top performing Twitter content in that 24 hour period? A tweet by Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling:

–Thanks to Spredfast for supplying the data for this article

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