Eglue launches new CIM suite

BellSoftware provider Eglue has released an updated version of its InterAct customer interaction management (CIM) Suite.InterAct Suite 7.0 offers new business applications, expanded application connectivity, Web enablement and a service-oriented architecture. The changes and additions have turned Eglue from a platform into a more customizable application suite.“A burning desire for many of our customers was for us to get in the situation where we could handle a large enterprise-type assignment; that was driving the development of SOA,” said Nelson Veiga, CTO of Eglue. “Another need was to facilitate innovation, so taking or architecture to the next level was very important. Equally important, if not more, was that more customers are trying to drive their customers to the Web to interact through a low-cost and modern channel. They wanted to see Eglue take things we had been doing well in traditional contact centers and expose some of that capability to the Web.”

The modular design of Interact 7.0 provides a view of customer interactions across channels and allows for integration between applications. With its new Web capabilities, Eglue analyzes the context of Web interactions to help customer care representatives make meaningful offers and give advice. Veiga said the system is not intended to replace customers’ existing analytics engines, but rather to complement such systems.“What we’re doing for customers is enabling an ability to do contextual, real-time customer interaction management across multiple channels,” said Veiga. “We’re truly embracing the multiplicity of the contact center. For example, if a company makes you an offer through the contact center, and you decline, you will not see same offer on the Web site later.”

Many of the ideas for Interact 7.0 were derived from customer and partner feedback. Eglue clients offered wish lists to aid in the program’s development. All existing customers will be migrated over to the newest version of InterAct over the next year and a half.

Eglue, headquartered in Hoboken, NJ, focuses its services on tier 1 enterprises with large call centers and Web presences. Clients include Fidelity National Information Services, Hyatt and KeyBank.

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