EFoodSafety launches a new DRTV campaign

EFoodSafety.com Inc., a devel­oper of nutritional products and sup­plements, launched two DRTV cam­paigns for its healthcare supplements Cinnergen and Cinnechol last week.

The ads, created in partnership with agency Respond2 Direct, capitalize on recent health trends, and both feature customer testimonials. The ad for Cin­nergen, a liquid supplement to manage blood sugar, depicts a woman working at a bed and breakfast, while the Cin­nechol spots feature an active senior who struggles with high cholesterol rid­ing a horse on a mountainside.

Dr. Stephen Kushner, who helped develop the all-natural products, said now is a good time to market the sup­plements because of recent bad press on cholesterol-lowering and blood sugar-controlling drugs.

“The consciousness of the consumer goes up. They know they’ve got to take something, but don’t want to take these drugs,” he said. “It was a very oppor­tune time to offer what we know is a very beneficial product that will work, but with no side effects.”

The ads drive consumers to a Web site for each supplement and a phone number to order from. Cinnergen is also available at retail outlets including GNC, Vitamin Shoppe and Rite Aid.

Kushner said the target demographic for these products are men and women more than 35 years of age.

The national ads are 60 and 120 sec­onds long. They will be run on chan­nels ranging from small local stations to large networks such as Fox News and the History Channel. The campaign is set to be ongoing.

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