Education Bill Restricts Student Data Collection

An education bill that passed the Senate yesterday will mean new hurdles for marketers that collect and use student data.

Part of the bill requires schools to obtain parental permission before allowing the collection of personal information of students younger than 18 in the classroom.

The bill, which passed 381-41 in the House of Representatives recently, passed 87-10 in the Senate. President Bush is expected to sign the bill.

Firms such as American Student List and Student Marketing Group that specialize in supplying student data to marketers likely will be affected by the legislation.

Though student information can be obtained through alternative sources such as subscription lists, much of the data is collected through in-school surveys.

An executive at Student Marketing Group Inc., Lynbrook, NY, said he had not read the legislation and therefore could not comment.

American Student List Co. Inc., Mineola, NY, could not be reached for comment.

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