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Editor’s Note: We’re going in a new direction at The Hub

When we first started The Hub a year ago, we were a blog that focused on the newly emerging convergence of PR, advertising, digital marketing and social media. Along the way, we realized that one of the biggest difficulties professionals in those fields experience is in understanding the vast, and often complicated world of marketing software. From email marketing, to social media management, there’s a new platform being released almost every few months, and the rapid pace of innovation has often left today’s marketers flummoxed.

Which is the best software for social media marketing? What are the new ways marketers are using content marketing software? How can I get the most out of my website analytics? 

These are the kinds of questions we hope to answer with our website’s new focus. If before we were focusing on the “art” of marketing, or the creative side, we’re now going to focus on the science. 

The Hub aims to be the premier resource for news, reviews, tips and tools for marketing technology. Not only will we give you all the news you need to know about marketing software, we’ll give you updates and tips on the platforms they are operated on. That includes social media networks, search engines, display and native advertising, website content, mobile and even the newly emerging Internet of Things.

Along with the news, we will regularly review the latest marketing tools, including insights from the marketers that use them. It’s our job to to be the complete resource for the CMO as well as the CIO looking for the technology that enables the use of both art and science when it comes to marketing. In a world where you’re going to hear several different sales pitches telling you they’re the best, we hope to be the credible voice of reason.

Some of you may have already started noticing the new focus of our coverage. We’ve added a Longform section where we will regularly post in-depth articles that will either look to answer a key question about the industry, or take an analytical look at a specific category of marketing tools. Our new Reviews section will contain profiles and reviews of the latest marketing software, conducted both by our team as well as customers. In addition, we’ll regularly post short features on great marketing campaigns and the marketers behind them in our Campaign Stories and Meet The Marketer sections respectively.

For the loyal readers who’ve been with us since the beginning, thanks for sticking around! We hope the site’s new direction will provide a lot more value for you in your chosen fields. And to those who are coming to us for the first time, welcome! Tell us what you think.

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