Editorial: Oh, Please

Catalogs always run open letters from their owners, but the latest by Robert Redford in Sundance's new spring book plunged into uncharted territory. Here's a sample: “The events of last year have driven a deep crack in our belief system. Is Democracy alive in our Democratic way of life? Many seem to be questioning it, nervous at the performance of what were supposed to be tried true and blue symbols of fairness and equanimity. … Well, I think it is alive. And probably in the sturdiest place of all — the people. The people spoke of a divided country based on a distrust of a system gone sour. The voice was so loud, so clear, that a new hope may have arisen from the ashes.”

Redford's note goes on to urge people to vote, to pay attention and to demand something from the country's communications outlets other than values of entertainment and cosmetics. Excuse me, cosmetics?

“For us at Sundance, because of our commitment, we take solace in the value and companionship of art. Colors, shapes, textiles from other cultures — not just that they are there, but how they are used and lived and breathed. While we wait to be pulled back from our recent shocking brink by newfound reason, I would like to think that the companionship and joy of the artist's hand can give us some comfort.”

Gee, thanks, Bob. When democracy fails, we have catalogs to keep us from falling into the abyss. Especially ones with overly expensive clothing, accessories and furniture. Some of us nearly forgot about those humanity-saving catalogs. Wow, too bad you didn't give us your words of wisdom during some other events in recent history that tested our nation's very fiber — the Cuban missile crisis, the Vietnam War, the days after President Nixon's resignation. … Oh, yeah, you and that other actor, Dustin Hoffman, know all about that one.

No Way, DMA

The DMA is claiming 1,659 people attended the net.marketing show. 1,659? I was there. I don't buy it. Before the earthquake hit, this show was quiet to put it mildly.

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