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EDITORIAL: DMNews.com and IMarketingNews.com

As many of you know from experience, building a new Web site is fascinating, but rigorous in its technical requirements and in its tendency to make you rethink your entire business. For the past year, we’ve been engaged in the exciting project of building new, state-of-the-art Web sites for our publications DM News and iMarketing News.

It was clear to us at the outset that an intelligent application of Internet technology would yield many benefits in the marketplace. It would enable us to improve our speed and efficiency in delivering vital news and focused features to our readers. It would allow us to develop more advanced and economical ways for these marketers to communicate with their suppliers. And it would extend our reach and provide us with larger, but still targeted, audiences of direct marketers and Internet marketers.

To meet the standards of quality and innovation that we aspire to achieve in all of our products, we knew that we would need to find a first-rate Web development team as a partner. In selecting the Razorfish organization, which has done critically acclaimed work on the Internet for the likes of Charles Schwab, CBS Television and many other blue-chip firms, we were gratified to find a rare fusion of strategy, design and Internet technology.

The results of this collaboration – the new DMNews.com and iMarketingNews.com – will be unveiled on July 15 (barring last-minute glitches). Their handsome design and ease of navigation will make it a pleasure to read the dozens of fresh, staff-written news and feature articles posted daily, along with the columns, special reports, wire service updates and other editorial features put together by the most informed and experienced editorial teams in the business.

Like their print namesakes, both sites will identify new trends, new markets and new technologies in focused “newspapers within newspapers.” Taking it a step beyond the print editions, readers will be able to create their own, personalized home pages by selecting from these special topics of interest. Quick digests of the daily news also will be available at no charge in our rapidly growing e-mail newsletters, DM News Daily and iMarketing News Daily.

At DM News.com, readers will be able to use an all-new free Online List Directory to search for direct mail lists, opt-in e-mail lists and alternative media. iMarketingNews.com will offer a free Online Datacard Directory of Web sites, Web site networks and opt-in e-mail lists. Searchable Archives, Yellow Pages of Suppliers, Calendars of Coming Events and Direct Mail Quotes are just a few of the other features that will facilitate communication between marketers and their suppliers.

Other members of our team will be providing further information in the coming weeks on the many ways that DMNews.com and iMarketingNews.com have merged the journalistic experience of our staff with the technology of the Internet to provide you with the news and informational services that you need to stay competitive in a rapidly changing world.

We hope you will mark your calendars for the July launch dates and we await your feedback.

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