Editorial: Add Four to the DM News Writers You Should Know

Please say hello to four bright people who have joined this publication full time in its endeavor to better serve the nation’s leading direct, interactive and database marketers – the DM News audience.

Associate editor Dianna Dilworth ([email protected]) covers e-mail marketing, catalogs and e-commerce. She has written on architecture and marketing, produced an award-winning documentary on Michael Jackson’s fans and can speak Spanish and Swedish.

Giselle Abramovich ([email protected]) is the other associate editor on the team. She covers list news, search marketing and print production. She previously covered securities on Source Media’s Money Management Executive and edited the 2006 Mutual Fund Service Guide. So she should have no problem dealing with search algorithms or list selects.

Nicole Smith ([email protected]) is an editorial assistant, covering circulation marketing and nonprofit fundraising. She also maintains the lists and databases section ([email protected]) at the back of each DM News print issue. She recently graduated with honors on the Dean’s List from New York University. Nicole interned with MTV, Rolling Stone and the Village Voice.

Cara Wood ([email protected]) also is an editorial assistant. Her beats are interactive marketing and advertising (excluding e-mail and search), insert media and business to business. She maintains the calendar ([email protected]) and careers ([email protected]) columns, too. Last month she earned an M.S. in professional communications from Clark University in Worcester, MA. Cara also interned at Shakespeare’s Globe Co. in London.

The new staffers work alongside senior editors Melissa Campanelli ([email protected]) and Chantal Todé ([email protected]) as well as yours truly.

Melissa is the nation’s preeminent writer on postal affairs and carrier news as well as database marketing/CRM. She also covers healthcare marketing and legal/privacy issues. She has worked on DM News since 1997.

Chantal has extensive retail reporting experience and is equipped to offer the multichannel perspective so critical to success today. She covers catalogs, business to business and print production.

As you will notice, most writers shadow each other’s beats, and that’s with intention. We want to ensure we cover all the news that’s key to helping our audience shape their customer acquisition and retention strategies. Many hands make light work, as they say.

What can you continue to expect from our writing staff? Articles covering news and analysis, campaigns, case studies, research, profiles, and events and trade shows. They will commission opinion pieces, host roundtables and hold in-person meetings in addition to telephone and e-mail interviews.

The new writers, like the veterans, are expected to punch above their weight. Do reach out to them as they hold a mirror to the industry. No ducking tough questions.

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