Edith Roman Adds Haymarket BTB Subscriber Files

Edith Roman Associates Inc., Pearl River, NY, said yesterday that it was named list manager for the postal and e-mail lists of 250,000 business-to-business subscribers from Haymarket Publishing. The e-mail files will be handled through its ePostDirect division.

Haymarket's portfolio of products focuses on IT security, healthcare, public relations, marketing and media.

The SC Magazine subscriber file has 46,800 postal subscribers and 17,700 e-mail subscribers. The publication formerly was called SC Infosecurity News.

The PR Week subscriber file has 7,100 postal subscribers and 18,000 e-mail subscribers. The PR Week Contact Directory has 9,900 subscribers.

The Pharmaceutical Marketers Directory subscriber file has 11,900 postal subscribers and 5,000 e-mail subscribers.

The McKnight's Long Term Care News subscriber file has 29,200 postal subscribers and 5,900 e-mail subscribers.

The Medical Marketing & Media subscriber file has 13,800 postal subscribers and 8,200 e-mail subscribers.

The Monthly Prescribing Reference subscriber file has 13,100 postal subscribers.

The Nurse Practitioners' Prescribing Reference subscriber file has 48,100 postal subscribers.

The Revolution Magazine subscriber file has 21,500 former subscribers. The magazine has ceased publications, and no new names will be added.

Base prices and selects vary by title.

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