E-Dialog tools help marketers like Figis.com to test e-mail

E-mail marketing services firm e-Dialog has upgraded its suite of tools and released a new offering, Precision Central version 7.0, which aims to help with the user interface and the testing programs for their clients, including holiday gift retailer Figis.com.

The new e-Dialog offering includes an update to their Web-based e-mail campaign management, analysis, segmentation, data integration and reporting tools.

This is the largest upgrade of the technology since the company was founded, said Art Souza, product manager at e-Dialog.

“There were three key goals,” said Souza. “We wanted to bring the key applications together as an integrated suite and make them behave alike and look alike to make it more user friendly. We wanted to reduce the learning curve for people creating e-mail campaigns, and we also wanted to make testing easier.”

The upgrade is now available to all e-Dialog clients.

Figis.com, a holiday gift giving retailer, is going to be using the new tools to help with their e-mail program, particularly the new testing tools.

Figis.com sends e-mails around holidays, so the busy season tends to correspond around Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. They use e-mail to introduce new gift ideas and to highlight signature products. Their promotional e-mails focus on a particular discount such as a percentage off, dollars off, shipping discounts or upgrades.

“We really strive to make our content relevant to the current season and the gift-giving needs of our customers,” said Kurt Officer, senior manager of e-commerce for Figis.com, via e-mail.

One of the highlights of the new e-Dialog offering is the Quick Test tool, which lets marketers test any element of an e-mail campaign in real time. Officer said it’s the tool he is most excited about in the new suite. The Quick Test tool will let e-mail marketers test different components of a campaign, such as a subject line or a content image, to a small portion of their audience.

The tools let the user measure the test in real time and then execute the entire campaign based on the findings from the sample group.

“If relevance is king these days, then testing is certainly queen and the ability to easily deploy different content to select portions of an audience, and then send the winning content to the remainder of the audience, is certainly a welcome addition to the PC Suite,” Officer said.

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