E-Dialog and Return Path get friendly with European ISPs

As its British office grows, E-mail marketing services firm e-Dialog has extended its partnership with Return Path Inc. to provide Internet service provider relations and deliverability services to clients in Europe, the Middle East and African countries.

E-Dialog will work with Return Path to help marketers navigate the increasing complexity of e-mail delivery assurance in the fragmented Pan-European market. The partnership means the development of ISP relations with local ISPs in Britain, France and Germany where e-Dialog is seeing most of its business.

“The European e-mail market is exploding,” said Rick Buck, director of privacy and ISP Relations at e-Dialog, Lexington, MA. “More and more people are coming online and adopting broadband technology. We are seeing more ISPs coming into the market and budgets expand. Our endgame is to make sure that where the market is growing, we are able to stay ahead of the curve.”

The Sender Score Receiver Alliance provides a centralized point of contact between e-mail senders and the Pan-European ISP community. It will allow for localized communication and access to the ISPs within each market, and it will provide insight into specific requirements and industry points of view.

This lets e-Dialog and its clients enter new markets based on priority customer locations. Mr. Buck said that e-Dialog plans to expand into the rest of Europe, the Middle East and Africa based on client needs.

E-Dialog has partnered with Return Path for more than two years to supplement its internal delivery monitoring tools and to provide reputation and certification services to its clients. The Sender Score Receiver Alliance will combine resources from each company.

“Return Path’s expertise is in delivery assurance, and ours is in setting up, implementing and analyzing e-mail programs,” Mr. Buck said. “The two work together to provide a strong network for active e-mail marketing.”

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