Economy has affected ROI definition

Welcome to “Patient Critical: Madison Avenue,” where new and legacy media vehicles struggle to capture declining advertising dollars, deliver ROI and answer the question: What marketing media are worth saving?

Digital media may have set the bar for sales-attribution reporting, but today, that’s not enough. Delivering ROI requires an understanding of how all media work together and how spends should shift holistically to achieve the greatest net impact for a client. In our agency, we refer to that process as cross-platform return on investment: CPROI.

This is the next generation of results, driven by real-time, digitally delivered, comprehensive data that can close the sales loop across platforms. The only way for an agency to effectively diagnose a client’s marketplace challenges, re-allocate dollars to where they work best and deliver brand saving CPROI is to invest in the most effective data tools available and pair them with an analytics team whose expertise spans all media platforms.

At Mercury Media, we employ tools to inform our media spends and maximize results starting with our proprietary database of client results and DRTV-specific tools, such as CORE and Catalyst. We add traditional syndicated research, digital planning, buying, reporting and optimization tools, then a team of analysts that is focused on performance. We have also developed partnerships with leading data analysis companies to “pull it all together.” These tools, people and partners drive results.

Digital marketing may have created the appetite for data-driven media allocation, but digital-only performance tracking isn’t enough. Those who refuse to look beyond their medium of comfort and think holistically should not be surprised when their clients seek a second opinion. It is the marketers who can deliver critical CPROI to breathe new life into their client’s brand who will be paged when crisis strikes.

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