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Ecologyfund.com Adds New Project

Ecologyfund.com, a click-to-donate Web site, has added “Protect Blanton Forest in Kentucky's Appalachian Mountains” to its home page under “Preserve United States Wilderness.” Each click on the donate button will help Kentucky Natural Lands Trust purchase and preserve 0.3 square feet of the 2,350 acres of ancient wilderness.

Users also can click to send a free postcard with a scenic picture of Blanton Forest, such as an ancient tree or a butterfly resting on the forest floor.

Blanton Forest is the largest, privately held old-growth hardwood forest in the eastern United States. It has 200-year-old trees, mountain bogs, wildflowers and Watts Creek, home to the endangered blackside dace fish.

KNLT is a nonprofit committed to raising public awareness and to protecting diminishing natural lands. The group's efforts will not only protect biodiversity but also will allow for responsible educational and recreational use of the area.

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