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Eclip Coupon Site Targets Hispanics

Eclip.com expects to debut a Web site April 1 that will offer U.S. Hispanics coupons and product samples via e-mail and direct mail.

The site, www.cuponesymuestras.com, means coupons and samples.

“There are a lot of underserved U.S. Hispanics online who are trying to get something of value presented to them in their native language,” said Jaimie Korody, vice president of marketing at eclip, Santa Monica, CA.

The Web site, which is also offered in English, will target U.S. Hispanics ages 18 to 24 who live with family members, Korody said. Company research shows that many U.S. Hispanics who use the Internet are in that age range and that coupon clippers tend to live with family members, she said.

Eclip recently formed an affiliation with TodoBebe.com, Miami, an informational Web site geared toward Spanish-speaking parents. TodoBebe will have a co-branded, customized page on the new site and will offer product information, coupons and product samples, Korody said. Eclip also has formed partnerships with three undisclosed online promotional firms, she said.

The coupons and product offers will be available via e-mail, direct mail and printable coupons for redemption, Korody said. However, Eclip research has shown that Hispanics have not used printable coupons as much because some in the market have computers but not printers, she said.

“I think the paperless coupon concept is going to be particularly significant to the U.S. Hispanic market, at least in the interim,” Korody said.

She said the new Web site would let the market visit it, type in a membership number and upload coupons to an account.

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