Echelon Tool Boosts ROI in Marketing to Affluent

NEW ORLEANS — Echelon DSP, a segmentation system based on consumers' discretionary spending ability and created for marketing to the affluent, is available from Echelon Marketing Group, McLean, VA, a division of IXI Corp.

The company was expected to debut Echelon DSP yesterday at the Direct Marketing Association's 87th Annual Conference & Exhibition here.

Echelon DSP lets marketers of premium and luxury goods such as fashion, electronics, home furnishings, automotive and travel better identify consumers with superior discretionary spending power and increase the ROI of their campaigns, the company said.

Tests among fundraising organizations found Echelon DSP highly effective in identifying and targeting donors, the marketing group reported.

Echelon DSP focuses on the top 20 percent of U.S. households in wealth and income. Its data model includes proprietary scores based on a wealth database owned by IXI Corp. IXI measures more than $6 trillion of invested assets reported by more than 80 financial firms.

Echelon Marketing enhanced the model with consumer survey research, Federal Reserve data, demographic and lifestyle data — including purchasing behaviors and media preferences — and other factors that affect spending power such as household income, home equity and geographic cost-of-living differences.

The new segmentation technology is available in three versions:

· Echelon DSP ratings, which can be appended to any customer or prospect file to identify and target new customers by their spending potential.

· More detailed Echelon DSP segments, which include additional demographic and lifestyle data as well as survey research profiles. These segments can be appended to customer and prospect records to better understand customers and to craft marketing communications more skillfully.

· A completely customized Echelon DSP segmentation system, using a client's customer transaction data and proprietary survey research, and tailored to customer acquisition, retention and cross-selling requirements.

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