EBureau partners with BlueKai for online audience targeting

Predictive analytics and data firm eBureau will use BlueKai‘s data auction and ad network partnerships to offer marketers a more precise target audience for online campaigns, the companies said today in a joint statement.

EBureau will pair its audience-targeting service, which allows marketers to build custom audiences based on specific customer criteria, with BlueKai’s technology platform. As a result, marketers will be able to identify an “ideal” audience for a display campaign, then buy media against that audience across BlueKai’s channel partners. BlueKai will be the exclusive data platform for eBureau’s custom audience offering, according to the companies.

Rowena Toguchi, BlueKai’s senior director of marketing communications, said the partnership will also include pre-packaged audience data to be traded publically on BlueKai’s data exchange, beginning early next year.

EBureau’s custom audience offering is available now. However, it requires a one-on-one consultation with a brand marketer to identify a target audience and score audience members based on the likelihood that they will respond positively to an ad, said Laurie Healy, VP of marketing communications at eBureau.

“We work with the brand marketer to understand who the audience is, and then build them a model,” said Healy. “We then score the individuals in the audience to find the best fit.”

Data marketers may soon have to provide opportunities for consumers to opt out of online data gathering. The Federal Trade Commission recently called for a universal “Do-Not-Track” option to let consumers blind advertisers to their online behavior.

Microsoft said yesterday that it will let consumers opt out of many types of tracking in the next version of its Internet Explorer Web browser. Internet Explorer 9 will allow IE users to prevent websites from compiling data about their Web browsing habits.

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