Earned Value Mail Promo to Launch on Schedule

In its April 16 filing with the Postal Regulatory Commission revising requests for certain market dominant rate approvals, the U.S. Postal Service announced that it would proceed on schedule with the first of four planned promotions for 2015.

The Earned Value Promotion, reports USPS, will run from May 1 through July 31. This program is intended to reverse some of the decline in First Class mailings. To qualify, mailers that include Business Reply or Courtesy Reply pieces in their direct mail campaigns will receive a postage credit of each piece returned to them.

The Postal Service also expressed its intent to move forward with the planned effective dates for three other discount programs that incent use of color, mobile integration, and technologies such as augmented reality in direct mail campaigns. (See the full schedule below.)

Effective dates for the 2015 promotions were put in question when the PRC rejected some price and classification adjustments, as well as by the D.C. District Court of Appeals’ delayed judgment on USPS’s petition to bake the 4.3% exigent price increase into the base mail rate.


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