Earlyarrivals.com Eyes Parents of Premature Newborns

Earlyarrivals.com, a retail site for parents with babies born prematurely, was launched yesterday by Clinician Support Technology, Framingham, MA.

Company President Michael E. Grady said the Web site will target the families of 400,000 babies who are born prematurely every year. Grady said market research led his firm to believe that an above average number of these households are online.

Many premature babies “are the result of multiple births resulting from in vitro fertilization programs,” he said. “As these programs are typically not reimbursed by health insurance, there tends to be a higher income demographic component associated with this portion of the population. We believe that a higher percentage of these parents are online.”

Earlyarrivals offers nine product and content channels, including gifts and merchandise for multiple sets of newborns.

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