Ear, Nose & Throat Doc Uses DRTV to Launch Snoring Prevention Product

Dr. Glen Weissman, an ear, nose and throat surgeon, took his first step into the direct response TV arena earlier this month by launching a snoring-prevention throat spray called Snore FIX.

The Snore FIX long-form infomercial was tested in mid-December and began rolling out for full launch in early January. The program — which is hosted by actress and DRTV veteran Sarah Purcell and directs viewers to a toll-free number — features explanations by Weissman of the product's use as well as testimonials.

The product is targeted to an equal mix of males and females age 30 to 55.

“Men are primarily the people who snore, but women are often the people who are buying the products for their husbands or boyfriends,” said Tony Kerry, senior vice president of marketing at Script To Screen, Santa Ana, CA, the company that produced and scripted the spot.

Kerry said that while Snore FIX has a Web site, consumers overwhelmingly respond by phone. Sales representatives upsell a continuity program in which consumers can receive monthly shipments of Snore FIX, which retails for $39.95. The infomercial airs on national cable, local broadcast and local cable stations primarily during late-night and early morning programming.

Kerry said Weissman is using DRTV because the long-form infomercial format provides adequate time to educate consumers about the product. Traditional multimillion-dollar advertising campaigns may not be a realistic option for a start-up company such as Snore FIX, Kerry said. The infomercial cost $300,000 to produce.

M2 Marketing and Management Services, an affiliate of Script To Screen, is responsible for media placement and fulfillment.

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