E3 Ignites the Web

Every year, the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) demonstrates why gamers are among the most engaged and empowered consumers in today’s digital-driven economy. Judging from E3’s dominance on Twitter’s trending list, this year may be among the most socially hyped yet.

The press-only annual conference—which spun out of large conventions such as the Consumer Electronics Show—takes place at the Los Angeles Convention Center in late spring, and lasts several days. E3 remains one of the most prominent conferences in the country, as evidenced by the multiple internationally trending hashtags surrounding the event, despite the event being closed to the public. E3 is a marketing bonanza. Millions of consumers tune in to online streams and other coverage hoping to catch announcements and trailers for their favorite games.

Like all things viral, the fervor surrounding E3 contains several nuggets of inspiration for marketers; the most prominent of this year’s bunch perhaps being the reveal and associated crowdfunding campaign for Shenmue 3, which reached its $2 million goal mere hours after its announcement.

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