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Dynamic ads: A vendor checklist

Dynamic ads are quickly becoming a necessity for forward-thinking agencies and brands. The power to target messaging in real time and optimize creative performance without the production costs and headaches is a value proposition few can ignore.

With multiple vendors and offerings quickly becoming available in the market, it’s important to understand what sets these solutions apart and which is the best fit to meet your goals. To help, here are a few questions you should ask every dynamic ad vendor you’re considering:

Can I use my own creative?
As brand stewards, maintaining creative integrity is paramount. Make sure you ask if your own creative can work with their solution. Many providers will simply take your assets and reassemble them into their predefined templates. In these cases, the essence of the brand can be compromised to fit technical requirements. And don’t forget about other ad attributes, such as custom animations and frame transitions.

Can my dynamic ads appear on whatever sites I want?
Many dynamic providers are also ad networks. This limits their functionality to only the sites they represent. Dynamic ads are most effective when they can be deployed across your campaign, not just on specific sites and/or placements. Therefore, make sure your dynamic solution is able to scale and work with your media plan.

Can I target my ad content?
Some providers limit their approach to automated testing and optimization of ad content. While this is one way to improve performance, rules-based targeting can be even more effective. Be sure your vendor offers more than just testing and gives you the power to decide the best approach for your specific marketing needs.

Does the service work with my existing technologies?
Dynamic ad services should not be disruptive, but rather should work seamlessly within your workflow and with other technologies already in use (ad server, site analytics, etc.). Be sure to ask about how trafficking and reporting processes may be impacted by their solution.

Could my data ever be shared?
Some dynamic providers share data across advertisers in an effort to enhance their targeting capabilities. Some are OK with this, while others are clearly not. Be sure to ask how your data is managed and used within their platform.

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