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Dwayne Raupp, Organic Inc.: DMN 2014 40 Under 40 Award winner

Dwayne Raupp
Executive Creative Director, Organic Inc.

Winning ways: To Raupp, the word creative is hardly limited to imagining standout campaigns. He’s done that, snaring some 18 industry awards in the past three years. He’s also been awarded $100,000 in venture capital for a location-based mystery game called Gumshoe, and spends off-duty time crafting non-digital things in his woodworking shop. “The smell of fresh sawn wood is the best antidote to recycled meeting room air,” he says. What he builds for clients like Kimberly-Clark is business. His launch of new online ads and social media for Poise liners increased sample requests by more than 300%, and his Big Kid Academy mobile app for Pull-Ups potty training pants was downloaded 170,000 times.

Defining moment: Founding two startups while on the job at Organic “gave me exposure to aspects of business and marketing that were outside of my daily creative role. It forced me to understand financial prioritization, corporation structures, business plans, marketing an idea while testing it on the fly.”

Words to live by: “Treat others how you would like to be treated.” –Penny Raupp, Dwayne’s mother

Head swivel: “It’s staggering to think how many devices are collecting data and communicating with customers without even the need for a screen. We’ve begun to think in terms of service design. We’ve been collaborating with our marketing intelligence team and creative technologists to get out of Photoshop, prototype earlier, and even stage the environment the customer will be experiencing.”

Good advice: “Empathy is the key to understanding how to unlock what your audience cares about, but also how to get it approved and how to inspire those around you.”

First job: “It was as a petroleum transfer agent or, I guess you could say, a gas pumper. It was a job about reading people and having micro-relationships with them. If you made a great impression, a tip was often awarded. My relentless attention to detail propelled me to be the best petroleum transfer agent around.”

On your nightstand: “My temptation to use mathematics as a method for design has always intrigued me and fuels a desire to read random blogs, GitHub branches, and old mathematics and physics books from high school.”

Favorite app: “NPR One. I love its simplicity and the design of its interface. I also can’t stop playing the Two Dots app. The design is impeccably crafted and the game play is quick, but strategic.”

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