Durex “That’s my pleasure” by Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness

Durex turned to Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness for a campaign that launched this month, called “That’s my Pleasure.” Durex sought to solidify its brand positioning between Trojan and Lifestyles.

“It was at our first meeting, where the personalities of the competitor’s brands became clear, that we had the opportunity to form who the Durex audience was,” explains Helayne Spivak, chief creative officer at Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness. “We identified the Trojan customer as the Boy Scout – always prepared; and Lifestyles was a bit more of a ‘hook-up’ brand.”

“That’s my pleasure” seeks to establish Durex as the condom of choice for partners committed to a more mature relationship.

“We called [Durex customers] Pleasurati; people in a more committed relationship that will be together more than once or twice, and that’s where pleasure, and not just happenstance, occurs,” Spivak says. “Eventually it evolved into ‘What’s your pleasure?’”

Print ads will appear until the end of September in gyms and other nontraditional places, while the Web site will continue to live on its own. Viral videos will also begin appearing in a few weeks, featuring real couples talking honestly about their sex lives.

The campaign’s target audience is not limited to any single demographic, but rather anyone who fits the bill of a “Pleasurati.”

“It’s about a mindset of a relationship and caring about your partner, instead of just immediate gratification with whomever,” she continues.

Chief Creative Officer
Helayne Spivak

Associate Creative Directors
Sergio Flores & Stuart Fink

Kim Olson
Alvin Ho Young
Jay Marrotte
Andrew Curtis

Account Director
Sarah Hall

Account Supervisor
Rhiannon Carr

Betsy Levine

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