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Dunkin’ Donuts airs first ever Vine created commercial, but the result is underwhelming

Last night, Dunkin’ Donuts claimed to become the first brand to ever use Vine to create a television ad, airing a 5-second clip during Monday Night Football on ESPN. 

The ad aired during the programs “billboard segment,” a space normally reserved for static ads was a simple 1-second shot of a Dunkin’ Donuts latte which flips a coin to signal the start of football season. And it loops for five seconds, telling viewers to check out the company’s other, more substantial Vines on Twitter.

So far, not an intensely creative use of the platform and they definitely could have gone for a better debut. But as the night went on, Dunkin’ got better at Vine, recreating the big plays of the night using a bunch of Dunkin’ coffee cups as players, which was pretty ingenious. However, all the really creative stuff was broadcast only on Twitter.

Dunkin’ also implemented a one-two punch strategy of promoted tweets running at the same time as the TV spots, telling followers to keep a look out for more Vines. 

Dunkin’ may have got there first, but there’s plenty of other brands lining up to debut their own Vine commercials, and we could be seeing a lot more creativity on display in the future. 


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