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Dunhill International List Co. Inc.

Dunhill International List Co. Inc., Boca Raton, FL, has made available a list of 200,000 e-mail addresses which can be selected by SIC code, employee size, asset size, contact name, postal address, telephone and fax number. The list represents business executives interested in business-to-business products and services, including computer software, hardware and Internet accessories.

Dunhill has also made a list of telemarketing shopping and travel club buyers available. The list contains 91,741 males and 13,272 females who are likely to respond to innovative offers of apparel, accessories, grooming aids, health and wellness products, and books.

Other new Dunhill lists include one of 4.9 million pleasure travelers; one of 1 million nonprofit tax-exempt clubs, organizations, associations and societies in the U.S.; and 12,448 research facilities. Dunhill has also made available a list of tourists who have visited Florida in the last year, with 901,163 males and 159,942 females.

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