Dunhill Increases Affluent Files Through Modeling

Dunhill International List Co., which has been compiling lists of millionaires for 60 years, has introduced a new database that aggregates all its separate files of individuals with net worth of seven figures or more and adds close to 4 million new names.

The 5.6-million-name Millionaires at Home file was created by building a profile of millionaires from Dunhill's existing files and finding matches by running models with ZIP code plus four data. The majority of the new names came from a select number of ZIP plus four zones in areas such as Palm Beach, FL, the Upper East Side of Manhattan and Beverly Hills, CA.

The previous largest millionaires file at Dunhill, Boca Raton, FL, had just 178,000 names, but vice president Cindy Dunhill said this is because the firm always had other files that contained millionaires but were not specifically referred to as such. Past lists such as yacht and aircraft owners or executives at home were built on possessions or titles because exact income data was not available.

Dunhill has also introduced a new 224,382-name aircraft owners list, a 31,974-name physicists list and a 633,937-name pilots list. All lists are now available on CD-ROM.

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