Dunderdon opts for online marketing to expand globally and meet customer demand

Dunderon, a Swedish manufacturer of high-end, rugged urban workwear with a hint of crossover into the urban fashion realm, came to eROI for help with its marketing and sales goals. Since the company’s inception in 1997, its craftsmanship has led to a decade of successful sales in Europe and the growth of a strong, loyal customer base.

Now, Dunderdon aimed to take business to the next level: expansion to a global market and stronger customer relations using interactive, online buying options.

Joining with my company we set out to achieve its objectives.

So far, things have turned out even better than we imagined, with demand for the apparel skyrocketing in the United States and globally. Dunderdon is no stranger to the Web.

Its original Web site was functional, with distinct strengths and weaknesses. The imagery and tone were on track.

However, the site was not representative of the simplicity and functionality of Dunderdon’s brand. Also, large amounts of feedback from visitors to the site indicated the desire for a way to buy online.

So, my creative team came up with a strategic new design that kept the appeal of the original Web site while integrating a stylish layout and also fostering a community by speaking with the audience instead of just at them.

Newly added to the site is a workspace featuring profiles of Dunderdon customers and their respective careers, while a blog by Portland, OR’s immensely humorous writer and illustrator, Rory Blyth, blends well with the company’s brand. Space for users’ comments will soon ignite direct dialogue with the firm and between customers.

A lead capture function and newsletter signup will increase contacts and announce company events worldwide. By refreshing site content constantly users will be inspired to return frequently to see what’s new, keeping the brand top of mind.

We have already shown results far above our predicted sales volumes. We have surpassed our goals by 300 percent, 250 percent and 200 percent in months one, two and three, respectively.

Furthermore, over three quarters of all sales are from the United States, a market formerly much less spoken for. The number of contacts has grown from 732 in September 2006, to 825 in December 2006.

The coming launch of the newsletter and an e-mail platform by eROI is anticipated to pack a punch as well.

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