Dunbar Armored secures Microsoft for CRM

Dunbar Armored, an armored car company, has tapped Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 in a push to streamline its sales operations.


With Dynamics CRM, the company will integrate customer and prospect data from its 80 offices across the US into a single database that employees can access and manage on different levels, depending on their roles within the company. Executives expect the new system to automate the sales process, cutting out manual operations that were necessary with Dunbar’s previous CRM approach.


“We will use Microsoft Dynamics CRM as a sales force automation tool,” said Seth McElroy, VP marketing and sales administration for Dunbar, in a statement. “When a prospect converts to a win, the technology will feed that information directly into our customer data with no additional manual keying or replication of data entry.”


McElroy also said that ease of integration with Dunbar’s other software applications was a factor in the choice of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The armored car company switched to Microsoft Outlook 18 months ago, and Dynamics CRM offered a familiar user experience.


The automation and integration provided by Microsoft Dynamics CRM is expected to save Dunbar time and money, as well as creating more effective sales teams and more cross-sell opportunities. Dunbar could not be reached for comment as of press time.

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