Dun & Bradstreet to Deploy New Web-based Solutions for Marketers

Dun & Bradstreet, Murray Hill, NJ, is expected to announce within the next 90 days two new, fully Web-based service products for marketers: the Family Tree Finder research solution and a long-anticipated upgrade of the company's branded D&B Market Spectrum flagship database marketing product.

Amy M. Hayenhjelm, product director for Dun & Bradstreet's product management marketing sector said Marketing Spectrum has been updated to help both online and offline marketers meet their business goals more efficiently. In addition to moving the product to a Web-based platform, Haynehjelm said some of the new user controls are currently available.

“We now have the ability to control the data in such way that you can have specific information made available to your sales force that is different from the core data you may only want certain members of the company to have access to” she said.

According to Hayenhjelm, the company's migration of the product to the Web was based largely on customer needs and requirements. She said the user-based system would not be discontinued so long as demand for a completely autonomous model was strong.

The new Web-based version of Marketing Spectrum features extensively enhanced customization tools as well as a faster run time with less data aggregation requirements than earlier versions.

Dun & Bradstreet is also about to make available its new Web-based D&B Family Tree Finder, a risk management assessment solution that can identify potential conflicts between companies by analyzing their subsidiary holdings and relationships across industry sectors by category.

The company says over 15 million global businesses are cataloged allowing clients to research hierarchical corporate family trees, pinpoint relationship within large corporate conglomerates and then use that information to enhance decision making or qualify prospective new clients.

Preliminary versions of both Family Tree Finder and the Web version of Market Spectrum will be available this month with full solution launches planned for this June.

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