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DRTV News Weekly Debuts April 10th with 27,000 Subscribers

Here’s a terrific way to reach the NEW practitioners of DRTV with your advertising.

Why DRTV? The answer is simple. Direct Response Television is HOT!”

Fortune 1000 advertisers and their agencies are using Short Form
infomercials, while direct response advertisers are discovering that
Search Engine Marketing and DRTV are highly complementary.

According to a recent study by marketing services company Sendtec,
daily search impressions increased 1230 percent during the course of a
test DRTV campaign, while click rates increased 58%

To fill the need for timely information on this ongoing merger of
technologies — and the increased use of DRTV by mainstream advertisers —
DM News is pleased to announce the launching of its latest email
newsletter, DRTV News Weekly, on April 10, 2006, to a circulation
of 27,000 direct, database and Internet marketers.

The circulation is comprised of opt-in subscribers who have requested
DRTV News Weekly, along with DM News subscribers who previously
provided their email addresses in order to receive newsletters from DM
News on Direct Response Television and related topics.

Special, introductory advertising rates have been created for supplier
companies wishing to reach this substantial list of present and future
DRTV marketers. These range from $1,200 per insertion (Open Rate) to $745
(52X rate) for a banner and from $1,500 per insertion (Open Rate) to $800
(52X Rate) for a tower ad.

For supplier companies wishing to be represented once a month in
DRTV News Weekly, plus a full-page, 4-color ad in the DM News’
Essential Guide to Direct Response Television
which will be mailed out
with the September 11 print edition of DM News, the total annual cost for
the entire program is $16,000.

Space in DRTV News Weekly is limited, so we urge you to reserve
your position NOW at whatever frequency you prefer!

To learn more about DM News’ Essential Guide to Direct Response
, go to this URL:


For further information about special rates and packages in DRTV
News Weekly
, contact Robert diGioia at 212-925-7300, or by email at [email protected].

For press releases, news of your company or story ideas, contact: Tad
Clarke, Editor, or Sarah Littman, Managing Editor of DRTV News
, at 212-925-7300 or by email at [email protected].

We’re looking forward to helping you connect with the NEW practitioners
of DRTV Marketing!

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