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DRTV News Briefs: Birth of A Broadband Service

Cavalier Telephone & TV announced the launch of its new Broadband TV service in Richmond, Virginia. The company is the first telephone provider in the United States to offer MPEG-4 technology to deploy TV services over a broadband connection. AT&T plans to launch Broadband TV in late 2006. Cavalier’s Broadband TV delivers more than 150 digital channels including all local network affiliates. It has a full-featured interactive electronic program guide that allows the viewer to navigate through various service menus, including setting up parental controls for safe family viewing.

InPulse Response Group’s VP of New Business Development, Scott Swanson is scheduled to speak at “Solve the DRTV Telemarketing Riddle…and Stop Leaving Dollars on the Table” virtual seminar on June 1, 2006.The seminar is part of the DMA Broadcast Council’s new Virtual Seminar Series, “Cracking the DRTV Code…Secrets to Succe$$”, launched to help traditional marketers successfully incorporate DRTV into their marketing mix. “Solve the Telemarketing Riddle” is focused on helping marketers to understand their call center and how to initiate the earning potential of this critical component of DRTV. The presentation will discuss how creative changes affect DR and the importance of your call center. Also to be discussed will be call center strategies, how to enhance call center results through a revenue-based approach, evaluating your call center and what to look for when choosing a call center.

TVWorldwide.com, a web-based global TV network, announced that it has been selected by Media Training Worldwide, Inc. to develop and launch The Speaking Channel,

EchoStar Communications Corporation issued the following statement regarding recent developments in the TiVo Inc. v. EchoStar Communications Corp. lawsuit: “We are pleased that the United States Patent and Trademark Office yesterday rejected many of TiVo’s patent claims as invalid. That reexamination ruling, together with the favorable decision from the Court of Appeals earlier this month (finding that the Texas court abused its discretion in connection with key trial evidence withheld from the jury), are steps in the right direction as we prepare our response to TiVo’s recently filed injunction motion. Similarly, the favorable U.S. Supreme Court decision last week in the eBay patent injunction case will be considered as part of the long process ahead.”

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