Draftfcb launches pro bono PSA for Hodgkin’s research nonprofit

Draftfcb Orange County has produced a PSA for the Alese Coco Fight 2 Win Campaign, a nonprofit that raises money for Hodgkin’s Disease research.

The ad, launched December 9, is running through the end of the year on donated air time on stations including Fox and ESPN, as well as the Turner Networks. The PSA drives viewers to Fight2Win.org, where they can get more information on the disease and instructions on how to make donations.

The PSA features a young female Hodgkin’s patient in a hospital bed on the corner of a crowded city street. She asks passersby for donations, saying that “every little bit helps.” The ad drives consumers to the foundation’s site and says, “Take five minutes, give five dollars and be a part of the cure.” There are 30- and 60-second versions of the ad.

Scott Murray, the campaign’s creative director at Draftfcb Orange County, said that the most important immediate goals for the effort are increased awareness and donations. “Down the road, we’re going to be looking into more relationship marketing and keeping in touch with consumers through a newsletter,” he explained.

The charitable organization is named after Alese Coco and her personal mantra, “Fight 2 Win.” She died of Hodgkin’s Disease in 2007 at the age of 23.

The campaign was inspired by Greg Creed, president of Taco Bell, who sits on the board of directors of Fight 2 Win. The fast food chain is also a client of Draftfcb, although all of the work the agency does for the nonprofit is pro bono.

Draftfcb has worked with Fight 2 Win for about a year. The agency developed the Web site and online ads with the PSA embedded. Those spots are running across the aforementioned broadcast networks’ sites. Since all of the media is donated, the strategy was described by Murray as “piecemeal,” or on a network-by-network basis.

A Fight 2 Win representative could not be immediately reached for comment.

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